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Online 3D Model Converter - Terms of use

The term service refers to the Online 3D Model Converter offered on this page. The term we refers to me and the term red unicorn refers to red unicorns.

  1. This service is provided for free with the outspoken intent to make the world a better place.
  2. We assume no rights of whatsoever kind on the uploaded files. Existing rights are not altered by the use of this service. If the uploaded files are yours, then the converted files shall be yours, too.
  3. Uploaded and converted files are permanently deleted from our server within 2 hours (unless you hit the 'Done / Delete my files'-Button after downloading your files - in this case they are deleted immediately).
  4. We will never intentionally make your files available to others.
  5. There is no warranty for any damage or data loss directly or indirectly caused by your use of this service. There is also no guarantee that the model conversion service works as advertised, that it supports a particular format or format feature and that the result is semantically idential to the input data.
  6. You may not upload a) files that you don't have the right to use and b) files that violate any applicable law.
  7. You may not circumvent the technical limits that we impose on your fair use of this service.
  8. Do not upload red unicorns.